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ambassador program

Would you and your furry buddy like to partner with us? Apply to receive free product and promote rerope on your social media platforms!

What's a brand ambassador?

If you are passionate about environmentalĀ petĀ products and have a strong appreciation for USA-made products, we are looking for you! We're looking for people who are excited about our brand and our core values, enjoy promoting themselves and their furry companions via social media and would love to introduce ReRope products to the world. ;)Ā 


Step 1: Apply

Step 2: Receive free products for you and your furry friend.

Step 3: You will have a custom discount code of 25% to promote to your followers.Ā 

Step 4: For every toy sold, we will donate to a foundation or shelter of your choice.Ā 

Step 5: Shout it from the rooftops!