Interested in buying sustainable, eco-friendly pet products? 
These five pet companies are showing their commitment to sustainability by upcycling unused material and creating new, innovative pet products. 
Textile remnants, inner tubes, banners and misfit food products are all being upcycled by five companies who are dedicated to bringing sustainable practices to the pet industry. 
Check out these five companies and their eco-fabulous pet products.

1) Shameless Pets - Dog Treats
Shameless Pets takes misfit or surplus food products and upcycles them into sustainable and delicious dog treats. Sustainability never tasted so good. 

2) Cycle Dog - Collapsible Travel Bowls For Cats & Dogs
Cycle Dog’s collapsible dog travel bowls are made by upcycling inner tube material. All bowls are foldable and come in a variety of fun and colorful prints. It’s the go-to sustainable product for pets and owners who are on-the-go.

3) The Kind Pet - Sustainable Dog Bed Duvet Cover
The Kind Pet’s Dog Bed Duvet cover is made with 100% cotton and is filled by upcycling unused clothing or linens, and is the perfect combination for a sustainably created pet bed. 

4) ReRope - Eco-friendly Dog Toys and Leashes
ReRope upcycles new, unused textile remnants from sister company Dona Bela Shreds and creates eco-friendly rope toys and leashes. All products are USA-made in Des Moines, Iowa. Play-time with your pet just got sustainable with these colorfully-entwined rope creations.


5) Greenline Pet Supply - Banner Bags (Poop - yes, it’s okay to say “poop” -  bag dispensers)
What would go best with an eco-friendly ReRope leash, you ask?? A Greenline Banner Bag equipped with 100% biodegradable poop bags. Greenline upcycles banners and creates fun and colorful poop bag dispensers that are all handmade in Chicago, Illinois. A fun and colorful, environmentally-friendly poop bag accessory might just make the task-at-hand a little more endurable.

Let’s keep those furry paw prints green with these fun and sustainable pet products. Shop companies with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices…to keep our environment friendly.

February 26, 2023