Dog laying next to flowers outside

After a cold winter in the Midwest that keeps most people and their pets cooped up inside, springtime means more time spent outside! It can seem like there is so much to do to get your pets ready for some much needed vitamin D and fresh air — but over at ReRope we think spring is the perfect time for a reset! We came up with a few tips to keep you and your pets on the right track for the spring days ahead of us.

Blossoming Spring Habits

Winter is perfect for staying inside and enjoying a good movie under a warm blanket while your furry friend plays with their favorite toy! But staying indoors means your dog has probably had a lack of stimulation from the world around them. This can lead to excess energy and a headache for you! It’s time to get your pet some exercise— you’ll benefit from it, too.

Exercise the Mind 

Lazy, snowy days are great but your curious pup needs to get their brain working! This tip is simple but so important — grab a book, a toy and head outside to your front yard or your favorite park. Enjoy the outdoors. Your dog may have enjoyed some fun out in the snow, but chances are they weren’t spending extended amounts of time seeing what’s going on in the world. Spending time sitting outside with your pet will give them the opportunity to be exposed to many different sights and sounds— squirrels, neighbors, lawn mowers, etc. These are all things that may trigger your dog, but the exposure over time will help temper their excitement and desensitize them.

Two Labrador retrievers sitting in grass

Get Those Legs Moving 

We could all stand to get our bodies moving after a season of spending time inside. Grab your ReRope leash— which is hand-knotted to withstand the many walks you’ll take over the upcoming months — and hit the trails or neighborhood sidewalks. You are bound to meet some new neighbors or fellow furry friends! Hey— it’s also a great time to work on leash skills, too! 

Dog sitting alert in grass attached to leash made from recycled material

Spring cleaning

Keep That Kennel Clean

It’s easy to see a kennel as… well, a kennel— but that’s your pets home! Make sure to take time to clean it with some pet-safe products. Especially since your dog is probably going to be spending some more time outside and tracking in dirt.

Fresh Food

Next time your pet goes through their supply of food, wait on the refill. Instead, wash it out with warm, soapy water and wait for it to dry before filling it back up with that delicious kibble. Remember, there is food being stored in there and it can easily start to grow mold and other unwanted microbes that can make your pet sick! 

April Show Bring Muddy Pets 

Bathroom breaks and playtime outside are going to lead to dirty paws and fur. By your door, make sure you have a towel to wipe down their wet paws so they don’t track the outdoors inside. We definitely don’t want brown paw prints on your white couch!

Wet dog in rain boots and jacket

Get into the Groom

During the winter, we want our pets to be nice and warm, but it is going to start getting nice and warm outside so we need to make sure our pets are comfortable. Schedule your pet for a grooming appointment to make sure they have an appropriate cut for the warmer weather. A shorter coat may also help to eliminate some of the dirt and debris entering your home!

Bring on Spring 

Spring is a great time to bond with your pet and create lasting, good habits. Spend this season with a well-behaved, clean dog! ReRope loves showing our pets how special they are and in-turn treating the environment well, too!


April 11, 2022