Sustainability in the form of upcycling or recycling textile remnants to create a new product line isn’t a new idea. There are many companies that do it - Patagonia, Zero Waste Daniel, Ecoalf and Dona Bela Shreds are a few to mention. 

There is a dire need to get creative and help tackle the textile remnant waste problem. According to The Council for Textile Recycling, last year alone, there was an estimated 25 billion pounds of textile waste generated in the U.S. Of this crazy huge number, only 15% is recycled. 

One company is getting creative in its upcycling endeavors. Dona Bela Shreds upcycles textile remnants and creates unique and beautiful fashion accessories called “Shreds” - a fun cross between a necklace and a scarf. Shreds can be found in over 1,000 boutiques and gift stores across the nation. 

While the process of upcycling textile remnants and creating a new fashion forward product is fun and exciting, the owner, Allison Davidson Motoyama, has encountered a big problem:

“While most of the material we receive is beautiful and perfect for our products, almost 20% of the material we receive cannot be used for our fashion accessories. We needed a solution to upcycle our already upcycled material scraps.” 

The solution: The creation of ReRope, an eco-friendly pet product company that features beautiful handmade leashes and pet toys.

Allison continued, “The colors of ReRope are so fun to create. We are proud of our handmade products and of our ability to offer an alternative eco-friendly product line.”

ReRope eco-positive pet leashes transform upcycled textile remnants into sustainably entwined colorful rope creations. ReRope offers thousands of thoughtfully curated, limited edition color combinations that are all handmade in Des Moines, Iowa.

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July 22, 2020